Lovinfit Group is an Italian startup certified as an innovative company and specialized in the supply of training devices for fitness and sports performance, for the medical-rehabilitation and medical-functional field, for the prevention of injuries, the improvement of the quality of life and for aesthetic and anti-aging treatments.
Lovinfit was founded in Parma in 2018 with the aim of creating high-level products that are assembled in Italy with the best technological devices on the international market and with certification by independent Italian bodies. The activity is supported by a group of experts of various kinds, such as doctors, professionals and entrepreneurs, who have come together to create tools that can help people achieve physical well-being, improve the quality of life and achieve better sports performance. Lovinfit guarantees a 365-degree assistance service and already boasts several proprietary patents in the few years of company life.

BOREALIS with Cryo Cabin and X° Cryo Local

  • Cryo Cabin is the cryogenic chamber of the BOREALIS line, specialized in the design of cryotherapy instruments. The treatment consists of exposure of the entire body to temperatures ranging from -120° to -185°. This thermal shock allows to activate a virtuous circle of positive metabolic and hormonal processes, which stimulate a widespread well-being at a circular and systemic level. constant medium/long-term use, a high-value physical response can be obtained, with the ability to trigger a constant and always improving metabolic cycle.
  • XCRYO Local Body is the new instrument of the BOREALIS line. The treatment consists of exposing a localized area of the body to very low temperatures for a period of time ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. The thermal shock, which brings the temperature of the dermis down to -20° within 0.5 mm from the surface, is useful to solve any type of inflammation and accelerate muscle recovery times. This effect is due to the activation of positive metabolic and hormonal processes, which lead to the improvement of the treated area through regenerative activities that stimulate well-being and easier recovery.
  • XCRYO Facial Mask Facial Mask is the mask of the Borealis line. This tool represents the best technology on the market and allows you to obtain excellent results after just a few minutes. In fact, exposure for 2-5 minutes, at a temperature of -20 ° C, is enough to see the effects. This thermal shock instantly allows you to improve the well-being and regenerative activity of the face. X° Cryo Facial Mask is safe and easy to use, fully automatic and equipped with patented handpieces that eliminate cold dispersion, saving costs and optimizing the result for the customer.
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Freeze your inflammations

it allows to reduce the temperature of the dermis down to -30 ° C

The thermal shock allows the temperature of the dermis of the face to be reduced down to –30 ° C

The revolutionary electrically powered sauna for professional and domestic use

Cryotherapy refreshes the lower limbs for a long time and deeply

improve your performance, recover faster, reduce edema

improve your performance, recover faster, reduce edema


  • SKYTOP is the AINDI line machine based on oxygen therapy and designed for sport, weight loss, cardiovascular and brain conditioning. Perfect for athletes who want to simulate a high-altitude training, but it is also designed to improve the state of well-being and physical performance of all body types. This machinery also promotes the prevention and improvement of brain conditions caused by anoxia disorders: such as Alzheimer's, stroke and ischemia. Our solution reduces the duration and number of sessions required for each customer, with fast and concrete results.
  • HYPERBARIC CHAMBER of the AINDI line is designed with the most innovative oxygen therapy techniques. It is in fact able to improve tissue oxygenation, reduce cardiac and respiratory effort and increase the performance of your body. Those who undergo treatment with Hyperbaric chamber obtain several benefits: it improves the oxygen assimilation capacity by 25 times, strengthens the immune system, decreases recovery times from exertion, increases the release of collagen and stem cells and visibly reduces the effects of stress. It also shows beneficial effects in patients with anoxic brain pathologies: such as Alzheimer's, stroke and ischemia.
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  • SCULPTEX Emt Technology is the first non-invasive procedure to shape the body in a unique and exclusive way, with high quality performance and able to bring great benefits quickly, both for aesthetic and physiotherapy treatments. This instrument offers performances clearly superior to those of normal electrostimulators. With a normal electrostimulator, in fact, it is necessary to undergo 30/40 sessions every three months, while with Sculptex it takes 6 to 8 sessions every three months and the results will be visible to the naked eye right away.
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  • AQUAMASTER is the first mobile station for Aquagym and Rehab. This machine is perfect for both training and rehabilitation in water and is designed for sportsmen, the elderly, people with overweight and/or cellulite problems. Pressure and water jets, combined with exercise, become the ideal solution for imperfections and joint problems. Training with the Aquamaster station allows a high caloric consumption, with minimal impact on limbs and joints. It is therefore perfect for sportsmen in post-injury recovery who want to maintain tone and maximum joint mobility.
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  • INFINIFIT is the tool designed and patented to offer a simple but highly performing and functional training experience. A single tool, versatile and practical, that allows you to perform multiple types of exercises and that focuses 100% of the load on the specific muscles you want to develop. It is useful for increasing functional strength and suitable for perfecting the sporting gesture, it is also perfect for preventing injuries or reducing recovery times. The patented technology allows you to have different types of fastening and a rich set of accessories to train all parts of the body wherever and whenever you want.
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  • Our Advantage : we are the only Company in Market taht works with full light spectrum at three levels: 660-850-1000 nm. This allows us to target all levels of body from skin surface to deeper tissues: as the nm increase the rays penetrate deeper in the body and activate different layers of tissues and positive intracellular mechanisms.


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